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Jedidah m.

Jdidah M
Jedidah M. (She/her) is a talented and passionate multidisciplinary director who focuses on diversity, culture, and identity in her commercial and narrative work. Her upbringing in both Nigeria and London plays a significant role in her approach to filmmaking, as she explores themes such as sisterhood between Black women, the importance of pride to queer artists, and the exploration of a Nigerian identity. Jedidah's work is characterized by its melodic, personal, and intimate quality, whether she is creating an artist series for Tate or making her short film ILẸ WA.
Her work reflects the landscapes and earthy colors that she associates with Nigeria, but her thematic focus always comes back to human identity. With docu-style narratives or poetic narrations guiding the storytelling, she creates a comfortable space for viewers to engage with her work. Her style is gentle yet empowering, pinpointed but not exclusive, and feminine yet powerful. Jedidah's ultimate goal is to create a space where people feel seen and understood, with an appreciation for the nuances of the experiences portrayed in her stories. She aspires to help people reconnect with their roots through her work, leaving viewers feeling inspired and touched.
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bENJI human

Benji Human
Benji Human (they/them) is a director and artist who creates short films exploring the complexities of human experience and emotions. Their creative journey began with painting and crafting as a child and evolved into self-taught animation at age 16. Benji's passion for storytelling led to their final undergrad project in Illustration becoming a documentary film about their grandfather. In their work, Benji aims to explore how people become who they are by forming respectful connections with interviewees, talents, crew members, and clients. Their approach has helped them direct charity commercials about mental health and wellbeing for Impetus, Good Samaritans, and Leonard Cheshire.
Benji draws inspiration from magic realism to create work that is weird, unsettling, yet heart-touching infused with dark humor, showcasing the complexities of dark and light in every situation. They hope to encourage more people to tell unique stories without being defined by their labels. Benji believes in the benefits of diversity in the industry, not only in physical attributes but also in distinct perspectives and experiences.
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duNcan lewis

Duncan Lewis
Duncan Lewis (He/him) is a London-born commercial director who is passionate about showcasing uplifting stories of diverse communities and cultures. He attributes his love for a gritty aesthetic to his upbringing around London's rave culture, while his personal struggles as a young adult inspire him to tell grounded stories. Duncan treasures authenticity and rawness in his work, and aims to trigger emotions that allow viewers to empathize and engage with the story being told. He also invests his directorial platform to tell stories of historically erased or exploited communities to create conversations and open up perspectives.
In the film industry, Duncan values building trust with both clients and crew members, prioritizing teamwork and collaboration. He wants to make great films with great people and contribute to the growth of the creative industry. With his heartfelt, nostalgic yet fresh and original work, Duncan believes that the sky is the limit.
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Jasmine De Silva
Élison Bartolomeu (he/him) is a Portuguese-Angolan film director based in London, UK.  Driven by a passion for simple yet impactful visuals, he combines his multicultural background and diverse influences to create immersive experiences in compelling short films, music videos, and commercials. His upbringing in internet culture means that he is able to tell visual stories that are naturally savvy, punchy, and culturally relevant in a short format campaign.
Having grown up in Angola, intrigued by all things creative from folktales, magic, acting, Élison realised that he can achieve all of his interest through filmmaking. He Attended Bournemouth Film School in the UK, where he won a Nahemi/Kodak Commercial Award (2022).
Élison’s visual storytelling prowess brings unseen stories to life, and solves complex problems through captivating visuals - which is his ultimate goal in filmmaking.

k + k

K & K
Anna Dobos and Susannah Kala Limbu - known as K+K - are a directing duo emerging from the highly regarded Somewhere Films collective, with focus on documentary, fashion and branded content.

Often adding the roles of producer, DoP and editor to their directorial work, they approach each project with a collaborative mind, where every team member can have a voice in the creative process. With an ‘outsider’ approach, the duo brings their unique experiences in photography, fashion and fine arts to every project they create.

Their work reflects highly conceptual and elevated visuals infused with socially and culturally conscious narratives, characterised by heightened imagery and poetic feelings. Anna and Susannah hope to encourage diversity in the film industry and to continue creating work that  is both powerful and real.
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juliane TAUDT

Jualiane Tautd
Juliane Taudt (she/her) is a Munich-based director who’s commercial work is defined by sensitivity and empathy, blended with visuals of beauty and precision.Though she considers Munich her home, she spent her formative years in a small village in East Germany - having grown up in a small town where she was forced to develop her creativity, and only in Munich she was able to execute her creative vision into directorial products.   With a background in journalism and writing, Juliane's work is characterized by simple, observational visuals with docu-style influences, creating a candid yet touching atmosphere with any brief that she tackles. Her stories are relatable and based on everyday life, with a focus on evoking emotional responses.
Her love for working with people authentically is not only reflected on screen, but behind the scenes as well. On set, Juliane is known for her empathy and care towards the people she works with, making sure that everyone can feel emotionally invested in the story being told. Her flexibility in adapting her work to suit everyone on set makes her a joy to work with.
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Gaara Director Image
Garra is a dynamic director duo based in Barcelona, who consistently deliver stunning visuals across all kinds of commercial briefs - from cinematic car commercials to heart-touching jewelry films, and surreal, hyper-techno clothing adverts. The duo, made up of director/photographer Iris Valles (she/her) and creative director (she/her) Alex Olten, draw inspiration from the lives they have built together over the past five years. Although they are proud of their identities as female creatives, they refuse to be limited by this label, reflected in their gender-neutral name, Garra, meaning claw.
Their work is heavily influenced by their observations of everyday life in different cultures, from Barcelona to Paris to Mexico City. With their global perspective and pinpoint understanding of cultural contexts, they approach each project with careful consideration of visual elements and story arcs that reflect societal problems. The end result is a unique and impactful film that feels hyperreal and stunning. Garra's ability to make any concept their own makes them a force to be reckoned with in the industry.
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Andy Madjitey Profile Picture
Andy Madjitey (he/him) is Ghanaian film director who specialises in creating visually stunning and eye-catching films. Though he only received his first laptop in University, he quickly delved into music production, editing, photography - naturally, all the practices he loved led to his filmmaking journey.
As a photographer, he believes that good cinematography speaks before any other elements of film. This combined with his pursuit of authenticity in his directing process, the results are breathtaking, compelling, and near-surrealistic films that still feel grounded in a nostalgic reality of everyday life.
However, he is also keen on visual experimentation; he refuses to limit himself into a box of genres, rearranging the building blocks of filmmaking. It’s clear that Andy is a force of nature, and he aspires to make work that people are touched and inspired by.

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